Pregnancy Tests 10 Pack


Pregnancy Tests 10 Pack


Unsure if your pregnant? Check with a simple home urine test, trusted by doctors – results in 5 minutes

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Our pregnancy test strips, utilising a pipette to accurately add the correct amount of urine to the test well, is used through-out the NHS to confirm a positive test for pregnancy.

  • These tests indicate a positive result for pregnancy at concentrations levels of 25mIU/ml and above.
  • Pregnancy Test strips – Identical to those sold to the NHS.
  • Our tests are accurate, reliable and give clear results quickly.

Pregnancy Test

Our urine pregnancy tests measure the presence of the hormone (HCG) in your urine for the early detection of pregnancy. Pregnancy Test results can be seen clearly in the test window.

Summary and Explanation:

HCG is produced by the placenta during pregnancy, shortly after the embryo attaches to the uterine lining. Usually HCG can be detected by a home pregnancy test 7-10 days after conception. This test is capable of detecting pregnancy as early as the first day after you miss a period. The further in to the pregnancy you are the higher the levels of HCG in your urine. The concentration of HCG in non-pregnant women is normally 5.0mIU/ml. At the time of the last missed menstrual period; urine HCG levels are about 100mlU/ml with peak levels of 100,000 to 200,000mlU/ml seen at the end of the first trimester.

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